Hans van Putten - Artist | Founder

Hans van Putten and Founder of Studio40parkLane has always been an artist and entrepreneur, not necessarily in that order.

He grew up in Europe, in The Netherlands to be exact, as part of a family that has always been entrepreneurial and creative. On his father's side many family members were painters, sculptors, architects and traders. On his mother's side the family owned one of the largest affordable fashion retail store chains in Europe.

Hans grew up listening to all these stories, about retail sales, trading, fashion, architecture and business or entrepreneurialism. It was therefore no surprise he followed an education that combined textiles and fashion with business administration for his Bachelors, while topping it off with an MBA.

As business seemed to take over more and more of his time, his creative skills and experience had to be developed over the years, simply by doodling and picture taking with an old fashioned Olympus compact camera. The cost and time needed to properly learn and pursue photography or graphic arts limited his possibilities.

His business journey, led him from the family fashion retail business, via chartered accountancy, to a 10 year corporate stint at The Gillette Company, in financial roles with ever increasing responsibility. During those days, he worked and lived  in various European countries before coming over to the US.

After Hans left Gillette he started and built his own Food Manufacturing Company before successfully selling it. Those 16 years coincided with the development of the internet into what it currently is.

Hans did not just ride the internet wave, but immersed himself fully into Web Design, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, while gaining invaluable skills and first hand experience in all its fields. After selling the food business, these skills and experience culminated into founding WorldWide Local Connect Inc. a hub for Startups and Small Businesses. To learn more about WWLC click here. Another blog post will elaborate more on this company and topic.

While building a consulting and advisory business, largely taking on the role of "in-house" web designer and digital marketer, Hans' creative juices started to flow again. Long story short, he dug up photographs and digital art from the past and thought, "hey why not sell those online".

To a certain extent the circle has closed. Creating digital art, taking amazing pictures of landscapes, people or everyday objects and playing around with them using every imaginable digital tools, is not just his passion, but together with his business side is his Yin and Yang. Studio40parkLane is the love child of this Yin and Yang.

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