Like What You See - Want To Start Your Own Store?

In previous blogs we outlined who the Founder of Studio40parkLane was and what Studio40parkLane stands for.

Studio40parkLane is the brainchild of Hans van Putten, who combines his entrepreneurial and creative spirit, skills and experience into photography and digital art. Capturing everyday beauty and combining it with useful products that occupy our daily life like Wall Art, Phone Cases, Mugs, Tote Bags and more.

Now, Studio40parklane and its Founder Hans van Putten are closely connected to WorldWide Local Connect Inc. aka a company Hans founded with Peter Dragone (Co-Founder of Keurig Inc.) and Marc Slafsky, Insurance Sales Executive at Salem Five Bank.

Their combined skills and experience in the corporate, small business and startup world surpasses 30 years each. They joined forces to help Startups and Small Businesses grow their business to the next level while helping them to get ready for funding.

If you own your own business and are in need of help to grow yours to the next level simply contact WWLC. They cover web design, digital marketing, e-commerce (like Studio40ParkLane), business planning, financial modeling and budgeting.

The WWLC Team have been there and done that, and fully understand your reluctance to seek help and your natural drive to figure things out yourself (which is part of the thrill, right?).
But it does not hurt to have a chat and what they call a "sanity". Some mistakes that are inevitably made when "figuring things out yourself", may be very costly and can be avoided by talking to seasoned pros!

So just close your eyes and jump and let them know if you'd like to chat, to find out how they can help! It's Free and you have nothing to lose!

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