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What we do...

Our core philosophy is to find the beauty in everyday life. Combine a seemingly every day scene with a slice of nature's heavenly gifts. Put the two together and sprinkle some creative magic on both, to create something unique and special.

While keeping in mind, that always.... "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"!

For Example.....

Dance Recital

This picture was taken years ago, during one of the many dance recitals of Hans' daughters.

When colors and lighting blend with the grace of dancers they create an almost mystical atmosphere.

The Artist

Hans van Putten is a skilled and experienced businessman and entrepreneur. But his true passion lies in photography, and digital art.

Combine two already beautiful photographs and you create magic.

Sunset in Kenya

One of my daughters did a "study abroad" semester in Kenya and took this beautiful sunset photograph.

In its own right stunning, but combined with another image it becomes unique and special.

Simply Stunning

Dance at sunset

Beautiful dancers emerging from a sunset filled beach scene.

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