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warm and inviting
Provence Inspired

Combine the rustic and country materials with Provence interior design styles colors and you'll create the ultimate Southern European feel.

Add some nature to the scene in the formof plants and flowers and you'll think uyou're on the Cote D'Azur!

Deep Emotions
Blue Contrast

Create a highly contrasting feel, either with neutral, light interior and contrasting art or the other way around.

To create this contrasting style interior you can use deep blue or any deep color you favor.

Soothing and Relaxing
Rustic Contemporary

Create contemporary interior design styles, with a modern feel interior and complement it with warm or rustic accompaniments.

Use furniture, wall art or fixtures to make the contemporary modern look feel warm and cozy.

Soothing - unobtrusive
Gray Neutral

Interior design styles, based on a grey, neutral look, begs for "texturein the form of shapes and/or furniture and fixtures. Unless of course you like the narrow tone look and feel.

Alternatively you can jazz it up with some colors, whether paster, to stay close to neutral, or bold colors, whether as wall art, furniture and home decor.

White with Colored Wall Art
make a statement
Bold And Beautiful

Clean and contemporary, if not modern, is a neutral and white interior, jazzed up with color.

Although bold colors in interior design styles jump out the most, with a pure white interior, combining pastel colors with textures of furniture and fixtures can give you equal satisfaction.

connect the soul
Nature Elements

Whether you're into Provencal style of interior design or a more contemporary and modern clean look, elements of nature in the form of plants and flowers, can "spruce" up your interior greatly.

You can keep your plants and flowers largely in the green color spectrum, or contrast with more bold colors like red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.

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