STUDIO40PARKLANE-designs, Launching New Beta Site

Studio40ParkLane launched its new Beta site today August 18, 2022. 

The Studio40ParkLane vision is to combine creativity from multiple areas into something magical.

Studio40ParkLane is the brainchild of Hans van Putten, photographer, digital artist and marketer, and entrepreneur. You can read more about Hans van Putten's background on his personal website.

The Studio40ParkLane store is inspired by and dedicated to Thomas van Putten, Hans' little brother who passed away from cancer way too early at age 50. They used to dream about opening a store that sold great stuff from all over the world. 

Studio40ParkLane strives to create a community of talented artists and help them on the entrepreneurial and business side to become successful.

Its sister company and partner WorldWide Local Connect Inc. specializes in helping small businesses grow and reach their full potential.

Studio40ParkLane are always looking for artists who combine styles and techniques, marinated in passion and creativity reminiscent of what Thomas would create.

The Studio40Parklane store website is open in Beta to make sure any glitches can be fixed before we fully open in the next few weeks.

Their main focus will be on artsy phone covers for Iphone and Samsung phones, wall art items like canvas prints and framed posters as well as mugs and other fun stuff for at home.

Hans grew up in Europe in a creative and entrepreneurial family and after climbing the financial ladder at The Gillette Company and running his own food manufacturing company has finally found his passion with Studio40ParkLane, combining creativity with entrepreneurialism.

He hopes that you, the visitor, will enjoy and embrace the colors, compositions, architecture and pure magic of his photography and digital art the way it touches his own heart.

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